Munchkin Hidden Treasures

Designed by Steve Jackson and Andrew Hackard • Illustrated by John Kovalic

78 hard-to-find cards for your Munchkin game, plus two popular boosters!
Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock # SJG1507B * UPC 837654322468
September 2017

Add 78 hard-to-find cards to your Munchkin game.

For several years, we have sold sets of cards for many of our Munchkin games in our online store. Munchkin Hidden Treasures combines almost* all of those cards into a single, easily transported package!

This version includes two bonus booster packs: Munchkin Knights, illustrated by Ian McGinty, and Munchkin Marked for Death, illustrated by John Kovalic!

* A few odd-sized cards are not included.


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