Munchkin Thingies

Designed by Steve Jackson • Developed by Andrew Hackard and Erik Zane • Illustrated by John Kovalic

24-page PDF.
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April 2020

Do you always confuse a British pirate with a British spy? Do you remember that one of the Star Munchkin Races lets you kick open a door twice, but you can never remember which one? Or are you thinking about picking up a new Munchkin expansion, and you want to know what Classes and Races it contains?

Munchkin Thingies has your answer. It lists every Class, Race, Loyalty, Accent, Birthright, Faction, Mojo, and Army from every Steve Jackson Games Munchkin set (through Munchkin Tails) in one handy, free resource. Download it for free today and never forget what the Monster Whacker does again!

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