Munchkin Game Changers

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by John Kovalic

68 cards, two level counters, two 19mm six-sided dice, and a rulesheet.
Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock # SJG1489 * UPC 837654321188
December 2015

More Munchkin Stuff!

Want more silly cards for your Munchkin game? Some cool level counters? Giant pink sparkly dice?! Here they are! This box combines four of our most popular Munchkin mini-expansions into a single expansion:

As a bonus, we’ve included the cards from Munchkin Fairy Dust Dice and two big sparkly pink dice to go with them, plus four cards formerly only available directly from Steve Jackson Games! This set also includes Fairy Dust and Munchkinomicon-themed level counters

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