Everyone makes mistakes, including us – but we do our best to fix our errors. These errata pages have been prepared by Steve Jackson Games for the convenience of its customers. If an item is not a linked below, then we have issued no errata for it.

If you find an error which is not listed on these pages, please write and tell us! You can submit errata through an online form or by writing the errata coordinator at

Many Munchkin rules questions have been answered in the Munchkin FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, you can get help by posting on the official Munchkin forums.

When submitting errata, please ensure you have listed the proper printing number. Errata for later printings also apply to earlier printings unless noted otherwise. To determine a card game's printing, check the white box on the back cover of the box, just above the bar code.

Errata for all Munchkin games

The Loaded Die's text should now read:

Play after you roll the die, for any reason. Turn the die so the number of your choice is on top. That's your roll. Usable once only.

Deck Names

In the very early days of Munchkin, we called the Door cards "Dungeon" cards in Munchkin, "Station" cards in Star Munchkin, and "Alley" cards in Munchkin Fu. This was dumb. When we figured out we were being dumb, we changed all the names to "Door" cards, and we have done that ever since.

But now that we have released the new double-sized Dungeon cards in Demented Dungeons, there's the vague possibility that somebody looking at an early-edition Munchkin could be confused by references to "Dungeon" cards.

Don't be confused. That's what happened.

Errata for specific titles

Moop's Monster Mashup

The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin

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