FnordCon 5 Munchkin Promo Collection

A total of 11 bookmarks and 8 cards.
Suggested Retail Price $7
Stock # SJG3959 * UPC
April 2022

Here's your chance to get some of the official FnordCon 5 swag! Even if you already received a box or a bag, you'll still find a good assortment of randomness in each collection!

You'll get one each of these new Munchkin bookmarks: The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Remote Recreational Rambling!, The Official Munchkin Babies Bookmark of Infant-ry, and The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Waterfowl Warfare!      

Also included will be eight assorted (randomly chosen) Munchkin promo cards and eight more bookmarks (also randomly chosen from our warehouse "swag" stash)! Order one for you and one for your best munchkin-ly friend, too!            

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