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Number of Players
Play Time
1-2 Hours
Recommended Ages
Not for small children

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Munchkin Curses

• Developed by Devin Lewis • Illustrated by John Kovalic • Based on Steve Jackon's Munchkin

15 cards and a rulesheet in a tuckbox.
Suggested Retail Price $7.95
Stock # SJG4255 * UPC 080742095953
May 2023

It’s chaos! It’s madness! It’s . . . Munchkin Curses!

Admit it. You love that moment when your enemy kicks down the door, and the card they draw is – a Curse! Almost as much as you love playing Curses on your enemies yourself. Whether it means losing items, skipping turns, or stumbling across a duck imbued with pure doom, a Curse always brings in an element of gleeful mayhem.

That’s why this mini-expansion contains 12 new Curses, two new monsters, and one Curse Reverse to shuffle into your Munchkin game!

This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Munchkin Curses pack is the same as every other.

Packaging may vary.


  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Munchkin Curses Rules (1.45 MB pdf)
  • Doors (15)

    • Curse! All Thumbs
    • Curse Disperse
    • Curse! Dug Too Deep!
    • Curse! Flat Feet
    • Curse Magnet!
    • Curse Reverse
    • Curse! Ripped Off
    • Curse-stacean
    • Curse of Verse!
    • Curse! Too Big for Your Britches
    • Cursor
    • Mildy Irritating Curse
    • Mystery Curse!
    • Truth or CURSE-quences
    • Written in CURSE-ive!

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