Munchkin Side Quests

• Developed by Andrew Hackard • Illustrated by Ian McGinty • Based on Steve Jackson's Munchkin

30 cards and a rulesheet.
Suggested Retail Price $10.95
Stock # SJG4264 * UPC 080742099791
August 2022

When you need a short detour from the business of killing monsters and betraying your friends, try Munchkin Side Quests! This 30-card expansion can be added to any of your Munchkin games, and it's illustrated by Ian McGinty, who has previously drawn for the Munchkin Collectible Card Game and Munchkin Magical Mess. Get secret in-game goals that you can complete to cash in for a reward AND, just maybe, surprise everyone with a new way to win the game!


  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Munchkin Side Quests Rules (0.97 MB pdf)
  • Doors (0)

      Treasures (0)

        Special Cards

          Side Quests (30)
          • #1 With a Bullet
          • A Rising Tide Lifts Two Boats
          • Abundance of Riches
          • Bad Beat
          • Beat the Boss
          • Big Spender
          • Blitzkrieg
          • Born Winner
          • Cheaters Always Win
          • Copycat
          • Double Tap
          • Fleet-Footed
          • Fully Equipped
          • Lowest of the Low
          • Much of a Munchness
          • Overkill
          • Overpowered
          • Power Lifter
          • Protean
          • Round up a Posse
          • Self-Promotion
          • Shoot the Moon
          • Skin of Your Teeth
          • Total Jerk
          • Traitor!
          • Triple Play
          • Untimely Demise
          • Windfall
          • Yes, It Blends
          • You're All Heart
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