Star Munchkin 2 – The Clown Wars

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by John Kovalic

112 cards in a tuckbox.
Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock # SJG1418 * UPC 837654320433
June 2015

The Munchkins take to the stars -- again!

Star Munchkin took the rules-bending, power-gaming, dungeon-crawling insanity of the original Munchkin and put the whole thing in space, where the monsters are more alien, the weapons more zappy, and the treasure -- well, there's still piles of treasure. Now Star Munchkin 2 brings the epic saga of The Clown Wars to life, except with better acting . . .

Strap on the Sprayser or X-Rayser and go ray-gunning for new monsters like the Nerds of Prey! Play a new race (the Bugs) or class (Space Ranger!), and do it all with Ralph, the Wonder Dog, by your side. This set also introduces a new card type: Rooms. Just open the door, and . . . ""oh, noooooooooo . . .!""

The Clown Wars is a supplement; you will need Star Munchkin to play. Or you could add it to a game of Munchkin (or any of the Munchkin family!) instead, or mix them all together for a Munchkin-fest of truly mind-bending proportions!


  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Star Munchkin 2 Rules (0.19 MB pdf)
  • Doors (64)

    • Absolute Zero
    • Alien Bathroom
    • Alien Boudoir
    • Asteroid Minors
    • B Movie Girls
    • Bobby Feet
    • Borelon
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Bug (4)
    • Cantina
    • Cheat!
    • Clowntrooper
    • Continuity Error
    • Cyborg
    • Dog Star
    • Dr. Kromedome
    • Electric Eye
    • Feline
    • Fractal Pterodactyl
    • Gadgeteer
    • Guy with Fake Ears
    • Half-Breed
    • Hive Mind
    • I Am Your Father!
    • Insane
    • Killer Penguins
    • Laboratory
    • Miss Ile
    • Misunderstood
    • Mutant
    • Nerds of Prey
    • Outside!
    • Psychic
    • Red Dwarf
    • Rock
    • Sailor Goon
    • Self-Delivering Junk Mail
    • Shape-Changing
    • Sidekick: Blinky
    • Sidekick: Kid Sister
    • Sidekick: Ralph the Wonder Dog
    • Sidekick: Red Shirt
    • Sidekick: The Professor
    • Space Mummy
    • Space Opera Singer
    • Space Ranger (4)
    • Super Munchkin
    • Telepathic
    • The Cheese of Evil
    • The Claw
    • Trader
    • Transporter Twin
    • Trap!Acid Jet
    • Trap!Big Bang
    • Trap!Black Hole
    • Trap!Orbital Decay
    • Trap!Suppressor Field
    • Trap! The Most Fiendish Trap Of All!
    • Trash Compactor
    • Two-Headed Space Elvis
    • Ultra Violet
    • Wandering Monster (2)
    • Xqwzzmp
    • Blanks (2)

    Treasures (38)

    • 10-Cell Flashlight
    • Alien Backscratcher
    • Asteroid Belt
    • Astro-Food (GUAL)
    • Autoflee 1000
    • Buzzboots
    • Can Opener Grenade
    • Cosmic String
    • Crawl Through Air Vents
    • Director's Edition Special Cut
    • Discover a New Life Form (GUAL)
    • Earn the Thanks of Intelligent Beings Everywhere (GUAL)
    • Enhance Your Micro-Chloridians (GUAL)
    • Exoskeleton
    • Experimental
    • Garage Door Opener
    • Gazer
    • Goawayser
    • Green Paint
    • Heat-Seeking Armor-Piercing Spitwad
    • Helm of the Enterprise
    • In Space, No One Can Hear You Cheat (GUAL)
    • Klaatu Barada Necktie
    • Loaded Die (2)
    • Multiplying Grenade
    • Nacho Flavored Yogurt Grenade
    • Plasma Cannon
    • Psi Helmet
    • Record Character Stats In Base 8 (GUAL)
    • Retractable Wheels
    • Smart Bomb
    • Sprayser
    • Strategically Placed Ribbons
    • Suspended Animation
    • Technobabble (GUAL)
    • With Improved Special Effects
    • X-Rayser
    • Blanks (2)
  • Last updated June 27, 2017

    Errata to Be Corrected in the Next Printing

    Psi-Helmet should say "Discard this card (if the power requires discards to activate, this counts as one such discard)."

    Corrected Errata

    Corrected in the 7th Printing

    Experimental is now labeled an Item Enhancer. The Item Enhancers rules have been added to the rulesheet.

    Corrected in an earlier printing

    On Alien Boudoir, the third line of text should read:

    If you have Armor, you can avoid combat by discarding it.

    Electric Eye's main text should read:

    It sees your secrets (and everyone else's). No one may play cards out of his hand for this fight.

    Misunderstood should say "(Minimum Level 1)". [Note: As of the 5th printing, this is no longer valid.] Also, add at the end of its text ". . . (minimum of 1)."

    Transporter Twin should say "Total up the bonuses of all Items that you are using. The Transporter Twin has the same bonus. +3 against Gadgeteers."

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