Munchkin Comic Deck the Dungeons Special

Written by Katie Cook • Illustrated by Mike Luckas

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $4.99
Stock # BOOMDD01 * UPC 9781681596488
December 2015

Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s) with the Munchkin comic Deck the Dungeons #1!

Spyke and Flower decide to go dungeon delving on Christmas because the monsters are all too distracted to put up a fight. But things are not what they seem . . . Who is that shadowy figure following them through the dungeon? Why does Spyke hate Christmas? And what's in that eggnog, anyway?

The comic is 32 full-color pages of Munchkin fun. Each one comes with an exclusive holiday-themed Munchkin card, and can be easily rolled up to slip into a stocking or fight off aggressive carolers.

If you want proof of how cool this issue is before you spend your hard-earned cash, check out this review from Big Comic

And remember: Always listen to the talking door knocker.

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