Munchkin Comic Issue #17

Written by Sam Sykes and John Kovalic • Illustrated by Mike Luckas and John Kovalic

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $3.99
Stock # BOOM17 * UPC 844284004275
May 2016

Spyke competes in a medieval tournament to win the princess in "My Faire Munchkin," but his "strategy" puts him in a world of hurt. See how his lute-playing halfling squire helps him prevail against the toughest knights* in the kingdom, and find out what kind of princess Spyke desires. Then, read on as Far East meets beast in John Kovalic's comic operetta, "Munchkin Fu Mikado."

*Shameless plug. These are from Munchkin Knights. Can you defeat them?

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