Munchkin Comic Issue #13

Written by Sam Sykes and Derek Fridolfs • Illustrated by Maddi Gonzalez and Scott Maynard

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $3.99
Stock # BOOM13 * UPC 84428400427501311
January 2016

Issue #13 celebrates one year of the Munchkin comic book from Boom!

The story "Of Dire Rats and Men" puts Flower in charge of training a young adventurer. Wait, Flower is responsible for molding an impressionable young mind? This sounds bad. Can Flower overcome her charge's well-adjusted social skills and get him looting like a proper munchkin? Or will she just give up and bash his head in? In the second story, "Lampooned," Flower is back to doing what she does best: turning the party against itself. But the stakes are high: the loot is better than gold, it's wishes!

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