Munchkin Comic Issue #21

Written by Nicole Andelfinger and Len Peralta • Illustrated by Len Peralta and Kat Leyh

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $3.99
Stock # BOOM21 * UPC
September 2016

Spyke and Flower seek the lost city of Atlantis in "Quest for the Legendary Booty" – but get thrown off course by pirates, sea monsters, and inclement weather. Join them on their journey as they follow the super-trustworthy map Spyke found on a children's menu. Myths and legends, and pirates – this story has it all. Then in "Panic at the Castle,"watch as Spyke and Flower righteously defend a castle from a horde of monsters – for a fee, of course. Obviously. What do you take them for?

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