Munchkin Comic Volume 5

Written by Sam Sykes, Will Hindmarch, Katie Cook, John Kovalic, Andrew Hackard and Steve Jackson • Illustrated by Mike Luckas, Len Peralta, Phil Murphy and John Kovalic

112 page comic compilation.
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May 2017

The Munchkin comic is door-smashing, monster-thrashing, backstabbing, loot-grabbing fun for the whole family!

In Munchkin Volume 5, join Spyke and Flower as they compete in tourneys, battle eldritch monsters and strange cults, revisit the land of Oz (nobody make that Munchkin joke again, please), and go on dungeon crawls, all in the name of racking up that sweet, sweet loot. With stories written by Sam Sykes, Will Hindmarch, Katie Cook, and Munchkin Czar Andrew Hackard, and illustrated by Mike Luckas and Len Peralta. Includes special stories and illustrations by Steve Jackson and John Kovalic!

Our fifth trade paperback collects issues #17-20.

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