Munchkin Comic Issue #10

Written by Tom Siddell and Derek Fridolfs • Illustrated by Mike Luckas and Scott Maynard

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $3.99
Stock # BOOM10 * UPC 84428400427501011
October 2015

Flower and Spyke are getting bored with the same old monsters. In "Monster Showdown," our favorite munchkins arrange a tournament of monsters to find the toughest, meanest foes ever to lurk in a dungeon. Wait, why would Spyke and Flower want to work harder for their loot? And what's with that suspicious door?

In "Seller's Market," Spyke meets a group of inexperienced adventurers and trades his loot for some of their magic gear. But woe betide those who make a deal with a munchkin – the terms are always higher than they think.

Every first-printing copy contains an exclusive card for the game.

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