Munchkin Comic Issue #14

Written by Sam Sykes and Derek Fridolfs • Illustrated by Mike Luckas and Derek Fridolfs

1 Comic.
Suggested Retail Price $3.99
Stock # BOOM14 * UPC 84428400427501411
February 2016

The Comic of Greed, Violence, and Backstabbing Based on Munchkin, the Best-Selling Card Game.

Ever wonder what happens to munchkins when they die? In "Spyke's Inferno," the world's least repentant munchkin goes to gamer hell and meets up with all of the adventurers he has betrayed. Find out what Spyke regrets the most about his misspent life. (Hint: it's not the greed and backstabbing.)

Then, find out what it takes to get hired by the biggest munchkin of them all in "Help Wanted."

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