Munchkin Cthulhu 4 — Crazed Caverns

Designed by Steve Jackson • Illustrated by John Kovalic

16 Door cards and 20 double-sized Dungeon cards, plus a rulesheet, in a tuckbox.
Suggested Retail Price $11.95
Stock # SJG1465 * UPC 837654320518
November 2023

Subterranean Secrets!

The hunt for forbidden knowledge goes underground! Explore the Midden of the Mi-Go! Dig yourself out of the Dunwich Ditch! Brave the blue light of K'n-Yan! Maybe all at once . . .

Munchkin Cthulhu has already driven you mad, and now it's even madder! The 16 Portals and 20 Dungeons in Crazed Caverns open up whole new dimensions to explore . . . and we all know what a great idea that can be, right? What could go wrong?

This is an expansion for Munchkin Cthulhu. It is not a stand-alone game.


  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Munchkin Cthulhu 4 – Crazed Caverns Rules (0.15 MB pdf)
  • Doors (16)

    • Chooser of the Path
    • Chooser of the Path
    • Ditched!
    • Ditched!
    • Fated To Repeat History
    • Fated To Repeat History
    • Gate of the Old Ones
    • Gate of the Old Ones
    • Giant Flashing Elder Sign
    • Giant Flashing Elder Sign
    • Parallel Dimension
    • Parallel Dimension
    • This Way, You Fools!
    • This Way, You Fools!
    • Vast, Horrible Glyphs Graven On The Walls
    • Vast, Horrible Glyphs Graven On The Walls

    Treasures (20)

    • Arena Of Azathoth
    • Arkham Subway Station
    • Burrow of Byatis
    • Cavern of Archetypes
    • Chasm of Cthulhu
    • Crevasse Of the Chthonians
    • Crypts of Innsmouth
    • Den of the Dholes
    • Dunwich Ditch
    • Grotto Of Glaaki
    • K'n-Yan
    • Lightless Lair of the Lloigor
    • Midden of the Mi-Go
    • Miskatonic University Library Basement
    • Mountains of Madness
    • Sewer of Shoggoths
    • Subterranean Shoe Store of Shub-Niggurath
    • The Dreamlands
    • Tunnel of Tsathoggua
    • Ubbo-Sathla's Underworld
  • Munchkin Cthulhu 4 — Crazed Caverns Designer's Notes
  • Retailer Resources for Munchkin
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