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Number of Players
Play Time
1-2 Hours
Recommended Ages
Not for small children

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Munchkin Zombies 3 — Hideous Hideouts

Designed by Andrew Hackard • Illustrated by John Kovalic

20 double-sized cards, 16 standard-sized cards.
Suggested Retail Price $10.95
Stock # SJG1487 * UPC 837654321614
June 2015

Nowhere Is Safe . . . From YOU!

You liked the double-sized "Dungeon" cards for classic Munchkin. So here they are for Munchkin Zombies!

In Hideous Hideouts, these cards are places where the zombies can find more yummy braaaaaains! Fort Deadly, the Creepy Isolated Cabin of the Dead, Resurrecticon . . . you get the idea. And cards like Breach the Perimeter and Walking in Circles will keep the band of hungry undead on the move as they hunt for tasty, tasty survivors.

This is an expansion for Munchkin Zombies. It is not a stand-alone game.


  • Munchkin FAQ
  • Munchkin Errata
  • Munchkin Zombies 3 Rules (0.60 MB pdf)
  • Doors (16)

    • Brain Candy
    • Brain Candy
    • Brain Dump
    • Brain Dump
    • Breach the Perimeter
    • Breach the Perimeter
    • Dicing With Death
    • Dicing With Death
    • Left Brain, Right Brain
    • Left Brain, Right Brain
    • Mmm, Fresh Meat
    • Mmm, Fresh Meat
    • The Office Down the Hall
    • The Office Down the Hall
    • Walking in Circles
    • Walking in Circles

    Treasures (0)

      Special Cards

        Dungeons (20)
        • Bowling Alley of the Dead
        • Creepy Isolated Cabin of the Dead
        • Cruise Ship of the Dead
        • Cube Farm of the Dead
        • Dojo of the Dead
        • Fast Food Restaurant of the Dead
        • Fort Deadly
        • Krewe of the Dead
        • Mall of the Dead Americans
        • Minimum Security Prison of the Dead
        • Neurology Lab of the Dead
        • Nuclear Plant of the Dead
        • Power Station of the Dead
        • (Re)Animation Studio
        • Restful Havens Mortuary
        • ResurrectiCon
        • Sewers of the Dead
        • Some Dead Guy High
        • Space Station of the Dead
        • Tavern of the Dead
    • Munchkin Zombies 3 — Hideous Hideouts Designer's Notes
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