Zombie Chibithulhu

• Based on illustrations by John Kovalic

10" tall plush toy.
Suggested Retail Price $22.95
Stock # SJG9407 * UPC 837654321331
September 2011

Cute. Cuddly. Cannibalistic.

Our line of Chibithulhu plush toys has been very popular. Now we've zombified it!

This 10"-tall soft and huggable plush figure features huge, adorable, dead eyes, a juicy pink brain on the chest . . . and tentacles. It's made of all-new materials, and is machine washable.

Of course, this toy includes a special rule, which will help you during Munchkin Zombies games.

Zombie Chibithulhu Special Rule

  1. Zombie Chibithulhu can be used to help you in any Munchkin Zombies game, or any Munchkin mash-up game using Zombies cards.
  2. Zombie Chibithulhu must be in the room when you begin play in order to help you. Each Zombie Chibithulhu can only help one person per game.
  3. Zombie Chibithulhu can act once per game, when you are in combat, to automatically defeat any Undead monster with the power of Rotting Cuteness! If you use this power, you either get the levels (but you may not get the winning level) or the treasure, but not both. Note that if you are the helper and use this power, you, not the main player, get the levels!
  4. Only one Zombie Chibithulhu can help you during the game. He does not count as a "regular" Chibithulhu, so if you also have a regular Chibithulhu, or TWO if you are at your own house, they can also help.

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