Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter

Designed by Will Schoonover • Illustrated by John Kovalic

One two-sided combat counter and two Munchkin Zombies cards.
Suggested Retail Price $6.95
Stock # SJG5524 * UPC 837654321102
April 2014

The best Munchkin fights are the ones where everyone plays cards to keep the levels bouncing up and down! But it can be hard to keep track. Now you'll never have to stop and recount again!

With the Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter, whenever a card hits the table, you turn the dials to keep track of your new total. No braaaaaiiins required.

The Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter comes with two special Munchkin Zombies bonus cards . . . and since the dials can be read from either side, we put the zombie munchkins on one side and their foes on the other.


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