The Official Munchkin The Red Dragon Inn Bookmark of Drunken Celebration!

This was released as part of the Kickstarter for the Munchkin and The Red Dragon Inn crossover, to promote Munchkin: The Red Dragon Inn.

Official Rules

You may use this bookmark in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. It may be used after you have accepted another munchkin’s help in combat. You may use only one bookmark (of any kind) per game unless you change sex. If you change sex, you may use a second bookmark. You may not use more than two in a game, no matter what.

  1. Show everyone the bookmark so they can satisfy themselves that it is what you say it is.

  2. Play this bookmark after you have accepted another munchkin's help in your combat.

  3. Say, "Come, my friend, sit and drink with me!"

  4. If you win the combat, your helper gets this bookmark, rather than whatever division of Treasure you had agreed on. They may not use this bookmark during this game.

Munchkin, the Munchkin characters, and the pyramid logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, and are used under license. The SlugFest Games and Red Dragon Inn logos are trademarks of SlugFest Games West, LLC. The Official Munchkin Red Dragon Inn Bookmark of Drunken Celebration! is copyright © 2018 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights reserved.


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