The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Holiday Cheer!

Illustrated by John Kovalic

Official Rules

You may use this bookmark in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. It may be used at any time. You may use only one bookmark (of any kind) per game unless you change sex. If you change sex, you may use a second bookmark. You may not use more than two in a game, no matter what.

  1. Show everyone the bookmark so they can satisfy themselves that it is what you say it is.
  2. Tear off the bottom part of the bookmark (marked Tree) and fold it. Place the folded Christmas Tree in front of you. The Tree is not an Item and may not be stolen or lost to Curses or Bad Stuff.
  3. At any time, you may look under the Christmas Tree by cheering – LOUDLY! – the Official Munchkin Holiday Cheer. (If people around you are not looking to see what's going on, you don't have enough holiday spirit!) Remove the Tree and the rest of this bookmark from play and take tree . . . er, three face-down Treasures. You may put these Treasures into play immediately, even during combat.

Official Munchkin Holiday Cheer

I'm a Munchkin, yes I am!
I eat Munchkin eggs and ham!
I am Munchkin, hear me woot!
Santa Munchkin, bring me LOOT!
HO! HO!! HO!!!



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