Latest Mini-Expansion Releases

Munchkin Reindeer Games cover
Munchkin Reindeer Games
November 2011

Munchkin Conan the Barbarian cover
Munchkin Conan the Barbarian
August 2011

Munchkin Monster Enhancers cover
Munchkin Monster Enhancers
March 2011

Munchkinomicon cover
January 2011

Munchkin Reloaded cover
Munchkin Reloaded
December 2010

Munchkin Booty: Fish & Ships cover
Munchkin Booty: Fish & Ships
November 2010

Munchkin: Santa's Revenge cover
Munchkin: Santa's Revenge
October 2010

Munchkin Waiting For Santa cover
Munchkin Waiting For Santa
May 2010

Munchkin Fairy Dust cover
Munchkin Fairy Dust
April 2010

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