Munchkin at Fnordcon!

FnordCon 4 took place last weekend. It was virtual, of course, but the fun was real!


As part of the con madness, Munchkin Line Editor Will Schoonover and I had a panel in which we introduced many of the exciting new titles that are being released next year. While I can’t show off all the fun art we displayed during the con, I will show you the main images for some of the games and expansions we discussed! (A couple of them are still pretty secret, though. If you missed the panel, you’ll just have to wait until we make those announcements official!)


Munchkin Petting Zoo!


Munchkin Bosses!


Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Rank and Vile!



Munchkin Babies!


And three new colors for the giant Munchkin d10 Level Die! In addition to pearlized red, it will soon be available in pearlized black, blue, and green!


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