The Official Moop’s Monster Mashup Bookmark of Assertive Alliteration!

Illustrated by Ian McGinty

This bookmark was released to promote Moop's Monster Mashup.

Official Rules

You may use this bookmark in any game of Moop’s Monster Mashup or any other variety of Munchkin. It may be used during any combat. You may use only one bookmark (of any kind) per game unless you change sex. If you change sex, you may use a second bookmark. You may not use more than two in a game, no matter what.

  1. Show everyone the bookmark so they can satisfy themselves that it is what you say it is.
  2. Play this bookmark when someone (including you) is fighting a monster.
  3. Declare whether you are helping the monsters or the munchkins. Have someone not already involved in the combat set a 10-second timer.
  4. When that person says “GO!” you have 10 seconds to list as many alliterative adjectives and adverbs as you are able, without repeating, that match the monster’s name. If the monster has several words in its name, pick out the most key word.
  5. Each actually alliterative adjective or adverb is worth +1 to your chosen side. However, if you repeated a word (or gave a close cousin, such as “monstrous” and “monstrously”), your bonus is zero AND your bookmark use is still wasted.
  6. Give this bookmark to the person who fought the monster, win or lose.


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