Latest Core Set Releases

Munchkin Nightmare Before Christmas cover
Munchkin Nightmare Before Christmas
September 2015

Munchkin Treasure Hunt cover
Munchkin Treasure Hunt
September 2015

Munchkin Fu cover
Munchkin Fu
September 2015

Munchkin Gloom cover
Munchkin Gloom
August 2015

Munchkin Quest cover
Munchkin Quest
January 2015

Munchkin Adventure Time cover
Munchkin Adventure Time
August 2014

Munchkin Panic cover
Munchkin Panic
September 2014

Super Munchkin cover
Super Munchkin
February 2014

Munchkin Conan cover
Munchkin Conan
June 2012

Munchkin Axe Cop cover
Munchkin Axe Cop
October 2011

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