The Official Munchkin Booty Bookmark of Shipshape Sailing

Illustrated by John Kovalic

This bookmark was released to promote Munchkin Booty.

Official Rules

Ye may use this bookmark in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. Ye may only use one bookmark (of any kind) per game unless ye change sex. If ye change sex, ye may use a second bookmark. Ye may not use more than two in a game, no matter what.

  1. Ye may play this bookmark whenever ye are in combat.
  2. Show everyone the bookmark so they can see it in one piece. It won’t be like that fer long.
  3. Tear off the bottom part of the bookmark (marked Ship) and fold it. Place it and the bookmark rules in front of ye.

Ye now have a +4 Ship. It follows all the regular rules for Ships except it doesn't count against yer total number of Ships. If ye don’t know the Ship rules, treat it as a Big item.

After each fight, ye must tear a corner off the rules portion of the bookmark. Yer Ship is -1 for each corner removed. When ye tear off the last corner, the Ship sinks. Remove it from play.



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