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The Official Munchkins & Mazes Bookmark of Edition Revision!

1. Show everyone the bookmark so they can satisfy themselves that it is what you say it is.

2. You may play this bookmark for one of these effects:
• Back out of a combat you are helping with.
• Kick a helper out of your combat.
• Cancel a Curse you get when you Kick Down the Door and put the card in your hand.
• Cancel a Curse played on you by another player and play it right back at them instead.
• Turn your failed Run Away roll into a success.
• Force another player to retry a successful Run Away roll.

3. If you used this to affect another player, give them the bookmark. If you used it to help yourself, give this to the next player (other than yourself) who goes up a level.


Goodbye to 2021! cover
Happy Holidays! cover
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