Colossal Munchkin Level Die (Black)

One Colossal Die and ten new Munchkin cards!
Suggested Retail Price $24.95
Stock # SJG5659 * UPC 080742095274
April 2022

This HUGE shiny, black d10 is used to keep track of your level, but that's not all; it also includes a set of cards to use with it!

When you use this Level Die to track your level in any game of Munchkin, you may also play these cards. Each card is, of course, themed to the number of your level, from 1-9. The cards are not shuffled into the deck – in fact, they have unique backs to help keep them separate.

Did we mention this die is REALLY BIG?

Be very careful where you roll this die. It weighs over a pound and measures 80mm across! And no, really, it shouldn't be used as a weapon. Unless you're in a dungeon . . .

Also available in Green and Blue!


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        Special Cards

        • One is The Loneliest Number -
        • It Takes Two to Tango -
        • Three's Company -
        • Four for All and All for Me -
        • Five Finger Discount -
        • Watch Your Six -
        • Seven Year Switch -
        • 800-Pound Gorilla Hireling -
        • Nein! -
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