The Official Munchkin Pathfinder Bookmark of Goblin Turkeys!

Illustrated by John Kovalic

This bookmark was released to promote Munchkin Pathfinder: Gobsmacked!.

Official Rules

You may use this bookmark in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. It may be used whenever another player plays a Go Up a Level card. You may use only one bookmark (of any kind) per game unless you change sex. If you change sex, you may use a second bookmark. You may not use more than two in a game, no matter what.

  1. Show everyone the bookmark so they can satisfy themselves that it is what you say it is.
  2. You may now attempt to steal the Go Up a Level for yourself. To do this, you must perform your best (or your worst) Goblin Turkey gobble. The player whose level you're trying to steal must do the same. The other players must vote on whose gobble is best.
  3. If you win, you go up a level instead of the original player! If you lose, the other player goes up a level as normal and gets this bookmark as a reward. It may not be used again in that game. If there is a tie, repeat the contest until there is a clear winner.


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