We Have Named The Mini-Expansions!

The past couple of weeks, we've been giving y'all the change to weigh in on names for three upcoming mini-expansions. We've collected your votes and are pleased to present the winners!

The new Munchkin Cthulhu mini-expansion's winning name was submitted by Trish Bocklage: Sanity Check.

Trish also suggested the name for the Star Munchkin expansion: Landing Party. (Trish, you're good at this!)

Finally, y'all voted for David Martin's suggestion for the Munchkin Zombies mini-expansion: Grave Mistakes! (Let us hope this name doesn't get us into trouble the way Clerical Errors did, way back when.)

Congratulations to Trish and David, and thanks to everyone who submitted ideas or took the time to vote. We'll be giving everyone a chance to show their support for these expansions on Kickstarter, later this month.

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