Gen Con 2016 Wrap-Up

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Gen Con 2016 was a blast!


OK, I can be a little more detailed. There were lots of non-Munchkin awesome things we did, but here I'll focus on the Munchkin side.

Moop's Monster Mashup debuted at this show and we showed it off to lots of eager Munchkin fans. The crazy combinations of animals appealed to Munchkin players who have a silly side . . . which seems to be all of them. Unfortunately, we didn't really have space in the booth for full games, but I know our Men In Black were able to make up that deficiency in their area. Thanks, gang! We also showed off several Guest Artist Editions and teased some upcoming releases, such as a second wave of Monster Boxes and Munchkin Playmats coming up for the holidays. And fans got several chances to get the autographs of their favorite Munchkin creators!

Of course, the highlight of the show for us was the return of the Munchkin Tavern – our thanks again to Steve and his team at Tavern on South for hosting us! We had several special "dinners with the stars" and made a bunch of cool announcements:

It was a great show and we're definitely looking forward to how we can continue to improve in 2017. Thanks to everyone who made it to Indianapolis to see us this year!

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