Weather Dice and a New Munchkin Bookmark

In rain or shine, sun or snow, Steve Jackson Games is here to provide some fun times. And that's convenient, because our new Weather Dice Set will provide all of those weather conditions for tabletop gaming. These dice were designed with roleplaying games in mind – a simple tool to determine weather patterns for a particular campaign or adventure. We did discover, however, that they could be used for . . . other purposes. Munchkin purposes!

Much like the actual climate, our Official Munchkin Bookmark of Catastrophic Climate Change is fickle. Rules will be based on the roll of the Weather Dice, but we aren't going to spoil what those are just yet. You can get this promotional bookmark during our Indiegogo campaign, which ends next Monday. All you need to do is pledge at the $18 level or above. 

And of course, for you Munchkin (and regular) dice collectors out there, we've been constantly adding to our stable of polyhedrons, many of which are now available on Warehouse 23. From the ineffable Katie Cook's Kitten d6 Dice to the vivid Rainbow Meeple Dice, if you're looking to enhance your tabletop game, or you just want a new die to use to Run Away, you can find it on Warehouse 23

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