Looking for Promos?

Here at the office, one of our favorite activities is coming up with new promo cards and bookmarks to hand out at conventions, send out in Warehouse 23 orders, and give to the Men In Black to distribute at their events. However, we hear frequently from people who don't make it to conventions or store events that they want to get specific promos. What you may not be aware of is that we've made it easy to get many of those cards and bookmarks through Warehouse 23. Just head over to the order pages for Munchkin promo cards or Munchkin bookmarks and choose from the drop-down menu to add them to your order (or make them your entire order – we aren't the boss of you).

If you're curious about what promos we've created over the last 18 years, look at our browse pages for promo cards and bookmarks. Not all of those are available but it's a fun historical look back. (We're pretty sure we're missing a few, so if you happen to know about a card or bookmark that we're missing, please let us know!)

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