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One of the consequences of pushing out so many new games and reprints over the last year is that each one comes with an extra card. Many of these are destined for the Exclusive Munchkin Warehouse 23 Booster 2014 (which will be our largest one yet!), and many others are new promo cards that we'll debut throughout the year. Some of our older promo cards are likely to be shelved for a while (especially the ones found in Munchkin Gets Promoted), so it's nice to have some new ones to show off! Our promo cards page has the most up-to-date list -- click on the sample cards for the full list from each type of Munchkin!

We've also been working on lots of new Munchkin bookmarks. Most of them are going to appear first at the Munchkin Tavern at Origins or Gen Con, but some others have . . . umm . . . other fates. Keep an eye on this page and the Daily Illuminator for more news as it happens!

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