2021 Conventions

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Here we are, just this close to fall (checks temperature outside: 104°F), and con season is upon us. Later this month, we’ve got both Gen Con and the Origins Game Fair. We’ve got quite a lot of awesome Munchkin products to talk about, as well as another tiny little Steve Jackson Games title (Car Wars Sixth Edition!) to show off.

While it takes quite a lot of people to make Munchkin happen, right now most of the terrible jokes are the fault of Devin Lewis (that’s me!) and Will Schoonover. Barring any last-minute changes, we’ll both be in the booth at both GenCon and Origins. Come out and blame us for your favorite new jokes!

While it’s certainly exciting to get back to conventions, to seeing old friends, and to meeting our biggest fans, there’s still a pandemic going on. If you’re still even a little on the fence about going or not, there’s always next year. We’re doing everything we can to keep ourselves and our fans safe, while still having a great time gaming. Whether we see you this year, or next, we’ll always have more Munchkin-y goodness for you!

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