Spiel Essen Translator Tribute: October 22-25, 2020

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This weekend, SJ Games would normally have representatives at Essen Spiel, one of the largest gaming conventions in Europe. We'd be demoing and selling games, meeting with our colleagues and partners from all corners of the globe, planning new products and translations, and having some darned fine pastry and sausage.


As with much else this year, COVID-19 has thrown a spanner into the works. Essen will be fully digital this year ( so we have chosen a different method of going international this weekend: the Essen Translator Tribute. From October 22-25, we will be highlighting the game manufacturers that partner with us to make Munchkin and other SJ Games titles available in other countries and languages.


From long-term partners with many Munchkin titles in translation such as Pegasus in Germany, Ubik in France, Edge in Spain, and Hobby World in Russia, to smaller but equally valued partners such as Kaissa in Greece, Bureau de Juegos in Argentina, and Raven in Italy, to newly-signed licensees such as BoardM Games in Korea that have just finished their first Munchkin crowdfunding event, we appreciate all that they do to allow us to share Munchkin with as many fans as possible around the world.


Check out our social media this weekend for links to translators' websites and products, unboxing videos of some of our translated Munchkin games, and information about which games are available in which languages. Ciao!

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