Early Warning: The Vault Is Closing

Every fall, we dial the combination and swing open the giant door to the Munchkin Holiday Vault, releasing backstabbing jollity unto the world for another season.

And every January, we slam that bad boy shut, because there's only so much jollity we can take. This year, that's happening on January 17, which gives you one week from the date of posting to snatch up Munchkin Christmas Lite, the Munchkin Gift Pack, or the Munchkin Yule Log before they vanish again for several months. Hurry over to the Warehouse 23 page to see what's still available.

If you're reading this while the vault is closed, you may still be able to find a bit of holiday cheer at your Friendly Local Game Store. Or you could just be patient . . . HA, RIGHT.

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