Running a 10K

It seems like 2020 has been a year of milestones already, and here's another big one!

We have a tracking database for every Munchkin card we've ever published (and a few hundred that we've written but haven't published – yet). Last week, I added a new expansion to that database and pushed the number of entries over 10,000. Woo!

This doesn't include the sets from our third party licensees (although we do have a database for those, and it is also growing; we expect it to reach 2,000 entries within the next year or so), and it does include a lot of duplication (for example, there are 148 Wandering Monster entries in this database), but it's still impressive to be working on a game that has had that many cards written over the past 19 years . . . and counting.

Thanks to all of our fans who have kept buying our silly little card game for all these years. I don't know when we're going to reach 20,000 cards but it will probably be sooner than we expect!

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