FnordCon! (With Update)

Update March 15: FnordCon 2 is officially canceled. I'm leaving the original post active for historical interest, but please don't show up in April and expect to have a great time with us, because we won't be there. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Social distance.

Did you know that we have our very own convention?

FnordCon is in its second year and we still have a few spaces available if you want to join us. We'll be having it in Austin, April 3-5, at the Omni Southpark just down the street from Munchkin HQ. Special guests include Steve Jackson, Andrew Hackard, and John Kovalic, so make sure you bring all those promos and games you've been hoping to get autographed.

We'll have special events including a 2020 preview from Phil and Steve, an extensive game library, and special previews of upcoming releases including Car Wars Sixth Edition and a couple of unannounced Munchkin games. Register today and we'll see you in April!


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