End Of An Epic

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After some internal discussion, we have decided not to offer further support for the Epic Munchkin add-on rules. Here's a quick Q&A about it.

Q: Why?
A: They lengthened the game (sometimes significantly), they made writing certain rules clunky (e.g., all the places where we said "the winning level" instead of just "Level 10"), and trying to keep a free download updated when also managing a full release schedule was becoming a poor use of our time.

Q: Are you deleting the existing Epic Munchkin rules?
A: Nope. If you like them, keep using them! The free PDF will remain available until the inevitable heat death of the Internet (or until we run out of 0s and 1s to support it). We just won't be adding any more Epic rules.

Q: What are you doing about all the cards that refer to the Epic Munchkin rules?
A: This was a concern of ours . . . until we actually dug into our database. It turns out that there are fewer than a dozen cards that call out the rules by name. Some of those cards will be rewritten; some, such as Epic Junior and the Dungeon of Unexpected Epicness, will have to be replaced in a future printing of those sets.

Q: Will you still be offering Epic Munchkin tournaments?
A: No. The Men In Black have already been told to stop holding Epic tournaments, and we have deleted mentions of Epic play from the latest update of the Munchkin Tournament Rules.

Q: Will you ever go back and offer Epic support for the sets that don't have Epic rules yet?
A: We don't plan to. If you have cool ideas, post them to the House Rules thread in our forums!

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