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Last week, I finished a new Munchkin game that will be out in 2019; our artist has been working on it and we're looking forward to announcing it in early August at a small regional convention called . . . Djinn Con? Something like that?

We're also working on a new Munchkin expansion that's a bit of a different idea for us. We'll have more information about that in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of Djinn Con, Phil had an interesting idea for a new accessory we could sell there, and Steve and I have been working on the details of how it would work. We'll probably debut that one at the Munchkin Tavern, although we might leak some intel beforehand.

Although Steve's been very busy working on The Fantasy Trip and Ogre content recently, we've been playtesting a nonfantasy Munchkin expansion that he wrote a couple of years ago and that we just pulled onto a front burner. We're having fun testing his new mechanic!

Hmm, this wasn't quite as informative a post as I had hoped. If you think you can fill in the gaps, head over to the forums and post your best guesses!

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