It's Time For Gen Con

Later this week, half of the Austin office will fly to Indianapolis to man our booth at Gen Con 51, being held Thursday through Sunday. If you haven't already picked up a badge, you've missed the cutoff for four-day badges, but single-day badges for all four days are still available (as of this writing), although Saturday is in very short supply. We'll be making some big announcements later this week, so keep your eye on our social media and on the Daily Illuminator.

Even if you don't have a Gen Con badge, if you're in Indianapolis, you're welcome to join us at the Munchkin Tavern each evening, Thursday through Saturday. We'll have special guest signings each night, a Munchkin Collectible Card Game-themed menu, and a variety of Tavern swag for you to buy and show everyone that you partied hard with the Munchkin crew. (Disclaimer: Hard partying not guaranteed. We all have to work the next morning.)

Your humble Line Editor is running a special mystery Munchkin game Thursday through Saturday in the Organized Play zone, starting each day at 2 p.m. These events have all sold out, but if you have a generic ticket, you might sneak into a seat if the ticket buyer doesn't show up. Even if you don't get in, everyone is welcome to come watch us play! It is possible that some or all of these events may relate to our special announcements . . .

We look forward to seeing many of you in just a few days! Everyone else, try not to bring down the dungeon ceiling while we're gone. You know how hard those dwarves had to work to rebuild it last time.

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