Gen Con Is Over For Another Year

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But boy, was it a good one!

We announced Munchkin Crazy Cooks, which will be heading to the shelves of your local Barnes & Noble very soon (and is available for pre-order right now!), and a little game called Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 that will debut next spring at game stores everywhere (including Warehouse 23). A few lucky fans even got to playtest it with me! Our booth was busy the entire convention with Munchkin Collectible Card Game demos and a whole bunch of regional qualifiers met in the first ever Munchkin CCG championship. I had a meeting with Eric Lang, from CMON, about their upcoming game, Munchkin Dungeon. We had another successful Munchkin Tavern -- thanks again to John Kovalic, Lar deSouza, Eric Lang, and Howard Tayler for coming by the Tavern to sign games for the fans!

And that's just the stuff I can tell you about! Closed-door meetings were had and secret plans were hatched and it all adds up to a whole lot more Munchkin goodness in the months to come.

Today, the SJ Games crew is flying back to Austin and a well-deserved couple of days off before we all jump back into making sure the rest of 2018 is awesome and leads into an equally awesome 2019. This has been a bit of a rough year for us and I know this will help us end it on a high note.

We all look forward to seeing you at Gen Con 2019!

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