This One's For The Retailers

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But if you're just a fan, you can still let your Friendly Local Game Store know . . .

We have two Munchkin displays that are suitable for game store use – and they both come preloaded with a bunch of cool Munchkin games and expansions!

The Munchkin Tuckbox Display has six wells for tuckbox expansions or boosters. It's designed to sit on a shelf or a retail counter and be an easy way to show off a lot of Munchkin in a small space. Retailers should place an order for SJG 3917A with their distributor.

The Munchkin Floor Display is even larger, with room for several Deluxe and core games and expansions as well. As the name implies, it sits on the floor and works equally well as a freestanding fixture or an endcap. Plus, because many of our games use the same footprints as Munchkin boxes, it can be used to show off your entire SJ Games stock! Retailers can contact their distributors and order SJG 3922 to get the display already loaded with an assortment of games, or SJG 3920 if they just want the display itself.

We're always looking for better ways to help stores sell our games. Retailers, please contact if you have some ideas – and fans, make sure your Friendly Local Game Store knows how best to reach us! We're all in this together . . .

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