Summer Vacations? Not Hardly

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Apologies to those in the Southern Hemisphere who are feeling left out of the above title.

I'm still on vacation and won't officially be back in the office until tomorrow, but I'm already looking at my plans for later this year.

This upcoming weekend, I'll be spending a lot of time playing games with old friends and new at a friend's "house convention." I'm looking forward to trying some new games and even some prototypes, and I might just bring a game or two of my own to show off.

Board Game Bash, Austin's premier gaming weekend, is moving to the south side very near the office (and therefore very near my new house), so I'm planning to spend some time there rolling dice and playing cards.

After that, my next convention is Gen Con 50. My plans for this year are to do a lot of chatting with people, some of whom will have microphones, and of course to be at the Munchkin Tavern making sure everyone's having a fun time. This year, instead of having the special hosted dinners, we're doing our signings at the Tavern, so bring an appetite and something for us to scribble on . . . and if you forget, the Tavern Store will be set up to fill your soul as we empty your pockets.

I'm currently planning a Labo(u)r Day trip up to Toronto for a return to Fan Expo Canada. No idea what exactly I'll be doing there, just yet, but I'm sure it will involve a combination of talking on panels and playing games. More information on this as it gets closer!

I have one more definite convention trip planned for later this year, but it's not 100% confirmed yet so I'll hold off on talking about it. Y'all might want to send me cheesesteak recommendations, just in case . . . And there's other travel that may or may not happen, but if it does, it will be awesome!

When I'm not on the road, of course, I'll be in the office working on our 2018 Munchkin plans and even starting to put together the 2019 schedule. I'll also be devoting more time to work on the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, which I can't wait to start showing off. Our team's been working hard on it while I've been busy on other projects (did I mention I'm almost done writing my 2018 sets? No? Well, that would be bragging, wouldn't it), and it's time for all of us to pool our talents and get this game off to print!

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