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Last week, some cool things happened:

First, we had our "premortem" meeting on a new* Munchkin game. This is the meeting where a bunch of us sit down with hard copy of a game that's about to go to print and go over everything closely to find all the places where we can fix mistakes, try something different, or just do better. We instituted this process a little over a year ago and it's been very helpful for all the people involved in making a game to sit in one room and see what the rest of us are looking at. I understand the production, art, and prepress processes a lot more since I've been going to these meetings regularly . . . and, more important, it's improving our games.

* It's new, but it's also kind of not. Which is all I can say right now.

Second, we hit a key milestone in the Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Steve has approved the final colored versions of all the art for all the cards. This was a big, bold, highlighted step on the critical path toward having this game done, and it unlocks several other components (rules, packaging, ads and other marketing) that couldn't be finalized until all the art was finished. Devin's working hard on some "quick start" rules so that, when the game hits shelves, you and a friend can sit down and start playing immediately. I expect things to start moving very fast on this game now . . . which is good, because we also have Eric and Kevin's first draft of the cards in the first wave of expansion cards. Working on the Collectible Card Game has leveled up a lot of skills across the entire company, and I can't wait for y'all to see the result.

Finally, Phil set a date for something cool that we've been working on for a while now. More about that news next week.

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