Moop Gets A Facelift, Plus A Munchkin Shakespeare Update

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If you missed Monday's Daily Illuminator about the second printing of Moop's Monster Mashup, head over and read it! It has a lot of great information about making Moop's new outing bigger and better. The second printing is on its way to game stores now, so look for it soon!

Munchkin Shakespeare Update

Thanks to our 3,500 backers, the Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter is going strong! We're well on our way to $200,000 and beyond!

The core game is up to 160 cards plus a custom six-sided die; we expect to add even more cards at the $220,000 stretch goal. You can help out by spreading the word through Facebook shares and Twitter retweets, even if you aren't yet a backer!

With your help, we're making a Kickstarter exclusive expansion for Munchkin Shakespeare that has more cards (including Dungeons!), some new Munchkin bookmarks with game rules, a metal Shakespeare coin with a game rule, a Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter, blank cards, and other cool swag . . . and this expansion is only going to get bigger as we get closer to the end of the Kickstarter! Retailers, make sure you're on our retailer mailing list so we can let you know how you can get in on the Kickstarter fun!

We have also unlocked some Shakespeare add-ons, including Shakespeare-themed dice, packs of female and male Shakespeare pawns, and even a short demo you can use to introduce your friends to Munchkin Shakespeare. These aren't exclusive to Kickstarter, but they will probably be printed in fairly small quantities . . . becoming a backer is the best way to make sure you get all the loot you want!

The Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter ends on March 10. If you've already backed, thank you! If not, you still have time . . . just don't wait too long!

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