Eine Million Spiele!

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We recently updated the spreadsheets telling us how many Munchkin games have been printed worldwide and discovered that Pegasus Spiele has topped one million German Munchkin games and expansions published. Congratulations . . . or, I should say, ich gratuliere!

Munchkin Shakespeare on Kickstarter

If you haven't been paying attention to the Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter, please check it out. We've been knocking down stretch goals and social media goals at a furious pace, thanks to you guys. Right now, the most help you can give us is to spread the word to your friends . . . and we've provided specific Facebook and Twitter posts to do that with that also get us closer to making the game even bigger!

We're talking about Shakespeare a lot in the Daily Illuminator, which you should also be reading if you want current information about everything we do at Steve Jackson Games.

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