Shakespeare Update

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Just a quick note to tell you the status of the various pieces.

  • Kill-O-MeterDrama DiceStaged Demo: Completed and sent to print!
  • Pawns (Shakespearean versions of Spyke and Flower), Blank Card Pack: designing packaging, should go to print very soon
  • Shakespeare DeluxeLimited Engagement: mostly done with some pieces still being laid out; we hope these will go to print by the end of this week but it may be next week
  • Colouring Book: will go to print at the same time Limited Engagement does, since it's one of those components
  • Bookmark of Firsties: will go to print soon but probably not immediately, since its turnaround time is much shorter

I'll be out of the office most if not all of next week, doing the bulk of the work for a crosstown move into my new house, so Devin will be offering a peek under the hood of the Collectible Card Game. See y'all in May!

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