Happy Halloween!

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It's the day when monsters, haunts, and evil nasties of all types walk the streets . . . asking for your candy.

We here at Munchkin HQ are not immune to the lure of this spookiest of holidays. The Munchkin Halloween Pack is out of print, but you may find copies at your Friendly Local Game Store just in time to hand out to the trick-or-treaters this evening. Speaking of, you can grab Munchkin Tricky Treats at Warehouse 23, if you hurry; our supply is limited and we do not expect to reprint this one. (And don't forget that you can still take advantage, today, of the Munchkin Halloween Monster Box promotion. If you're reading this in November 2016 or later, sorry . . . you missed it!)

And that's not even to mention our horror-themed Munchkin Bites!MunchkinZombies, and Munchkin Undead, all of which are in print. (Greg Hylandfans should check out the Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist Edition while it's still around . . .)

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